Our Philosophy 

Holistica German Shepherd Hutte

We strive to raise healthy dogs in a collective social environment with mental influences and completely blended health maintenance approaches that compliment and enhance the dog's inner vital forces. We strive to meet the soul needs of the dog, letting the dog be a dog, while it is delivering maximum joy to a loving, caring, providing, and dedicated masters.

To This End We Try To Match Puppies To New Owners







Canine-Assisted Therapy

C.A.T. involves training teams (humans working with their dogs) to improve the quality of life for people in their community. The teams visit sites throughout the community--such as hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities.


Local Dog Training Associations 

We encourage our new owners to become involved in a local dog training club. Several of our dogs have gone on to complete the CGC, Canine Good Citizenship certificate. This opens doors to participating in local community events such as C.A.T.  Please ask us about training when you call us. We are eager to share our knowledge. 

Dog Obedience Training



Laser (far right) at Dog Obedience



Canine Good Citizenship Award (CGC)

It is always exciting to hear about customers that have taken their puppies a step further, like obtaining the Canine Good Citizen Award.

Congratualtions Max!

Dog Shows

American Kennel Club Dog Show

It is through titling that the AKC standards for the German Shepherd are maintained and we encourage all owners to particpate in competition, whether it be conformation or obedience. Most communities offer handlers' classes.  This was Juliet's first show at only 7 months!

Congratulations Juliet! She was spectacular!




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